Green Gravel Comedy Fest

Improv into Sketch

10:00 AM

Join Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall for a two day workshop to improve your acting and writing skills. In a group of twenty to thirty actors you will learn how to write comedy through performance, and use improv as a writing tool. By the end of the workshop you will be able to write sketches through improv.

The workshop will warm up with improv games to help sharpen storytelling skills, and evolve until students are doing their own improvised scenes in small groups. You will then take these improvised scenes, work on them and make them into full comedy sketches. Kevin will go from group to group, helping and guiding with the “writing” of each scene. Each group will then have the opportunity to present their sketch.

This workshop will improve your acting and writing skills, and will teach you how both skills work in unison to create great scenes and hilarious comedy. And if prompted, Kevin will tell lots of stories about the Kids in the Hall.

Class is 8 Hours Total

4 Hours Saturday March 29th, 4 Hours Sunday March 30th

Class start time 10:00 AM Saturday and Sunday. 

Legion Hall Post #72

109 N. Main St.
Toledo, Iowa 52343
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